Honeybees and Power Scooters

May 21, 2020

The most common complaint I’ve seen from the quarantine is that every day feels the same. I just had an adventure that broke the monotony. 

I had about 40 minutes left in the first Harry Potter book, so I decided to go take a walk. You need to understand when I say walk I mean roll (and when I say read, I mean listen) I have a scooter that I use around the neighborhood. We had realized it had been unplugged for a while, but when I turned it on, it looked like the battery was fully charged. That turned out not to be the case.

I was about half a mile down the hill when I realized that there was a red light blinking. It was the warning that I was going to run out of juice. I begin to panic at the bottom of McKenzie knowing full well I probably wasn’t going to make it. Then things got really interesting.

I was looking down at the blinking light and did not notice that I was rolling straight into a swarm of bees. I am terrified of bees. When I looked up, I swerved out of fear. There were at least 20 bees flying around my head. In a panic, I ran off the sidewalk and into a brick wall. I tried to back out (at a speedy 1 MPH) only to go off the other side of the sidewalk. When I finally straightened out, I attempted to get away, but a good number of them followed me for at least 25 feet. When I finally cleared the swarm, I was free to go back to panicking about running out of battery. 

The scooter stopped four times, and I thought I was going to be stuck. I was surprised when I pointed the joystick forward, but I was able to continue in short bursts. As I crossed the street to go home, the thought occurred to me, “what would I do if it ran out of battery in the middle of the road?” I am happy to say that it ultimately died as I pulled into our garage, and it coincided with the end of the book. 

In the haze of these days that all seem alike, I can say, this day was not dull!

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