March 2, 2019
Confession time. Being temporarily disabled has brought to light many of my idiosyncrasies. I’ve never thought of myself as OCD but when I look at that concept in light of someone else doing things for me (like my wife cutting up my food as I perceive, improperly, or my chair being placed offset at the table. Honestly, I realize I am a piece of work. Many of these I have been able to mask in the past by doing things on my own. I do not have that luxury right now.
I am a listing a few of my peculiarities and would love for you to share some of yours.
This first one comes to mind since we had spaghetti for dinner. I like to have my spaghetti cut up before putting the sauce on top. I never learned how to roll my spaghetti on a spoon. My mom always cut it up, and therefore I have always done the same. Many of my food distinctions come from my upbringing I am sure.
2. A dinner plate should consist of three items. Some type of meat, a vegetable, and generally a starch. Salad does not count as one of the three required elements. A salad is a bonus. BTW, as a child, I thought of salad as always unneeded. I have grown up a bit since then.
3. I am not good at letting go of issues with my appearance. Is it too much to say that I had my wife pluck out small white hairs out of ears yesterday because otherwise, I would be obsessing about them all day long?
4. My home or work office is allowed to be messy, but I cannot deal with the living room or family room being a disaster or stuff just out of place.
5. My right sock and left sock need to be put on in that particular order. Shoes must follow the same rule.
I called my wife back to my office to review this list. She added one more that we agreed was inappropriate for me to list here. You just get to wonder what it is!
Alright, fire away! This should be fun.

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