Literally Seeing Differently​

January 12, 2019

Positive Stroke News: the eye doctor confirmed what I felt pretty immediately about my vision. I have not worn in my contacts since August 25. I noticed that I could read license plates across the street. My optometrist told me today that I no longer legally need to work glasses when I drive. He said in my vision has improved that much. I still ordered a new pair of glasses
for the evening, but I don’t believe I will be wearing them very much. #weird

Update February 28, at 2019

We’ve found my glasses that had been missing since after the stroke. I put them on, and it was like being in a fog… Well honestly, they were really dirty, but I just could not see with them on. God is great, and like my old pastor, Ray Rachels used to say, “That will preach!”


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