100 Days/ 100 Lessons

December 3, 2018

Today marks 100 days since the stroke. Here are some things I’ve learned.

1. God is sovereign.
2. I am not.
3. Investing in people is important.
4. I have many people investing in me.
5. I am far less patient than I realized.
6. My wife is a very loving, giving person.
7. My church community has been amazing.
8. I miss the day-to-day interaction with my colleagues.
9. Having a chair with arms over a toilet seat prevents fall (thank you, Sandy Kazim).
10. Physical therapists are heroes.
11. There are a lot of hopeless people in rehab hospitals.
12. Hope is a sustaining force.
13. Bodies break down.
14. Small victories matter.
15. Good sleep is amazing.
16. There are you lot of good cooks out there.
17. The winner of the chocolate chip contest is Linda Roth.
18. Privacy in the bathroom is a good thing.
19. Love is reciprocated.
20. Blood drawn at 5 AM is a terrible thing.
21. There are a lot of very good books out there.
22. Every Harry Potter movie can bring tears.
23. Hospitals put alarms on beds (this is important to note before you get out of bed at 2 AM)
24. When you’re riding in a wheelchair, no one can hear you when they’re behind you.
25. It is difficult to sleep when both your arms are hooked into machines.
26. Sunshine is a wonderful thing.
27. Small colleges produce lifelong friendships.
28. There are people in much worse situations.
29. The menu restriction that says”no fried foods” makes you really want fried chicken.
30. Your brain can miss-read physical touch as pain.
31. Sitting in the shower sucks.
32. People actually read what I write.
33. Siri dictation picks up everyone’s voice but mine when I want it to.
34. A hospital roommate that constantly speaks of his BM’s can be annoying (see #33).
35. Having a stroke is a bit like dying and being at your own funeral to hear what people say.
36. Divine encounters can take place in bathrooms.
37. Taking directions from Siri can be life-saving.
38. People are very hospitable if you are in a wheelchair.
39. There are not enough handicapped spaces in public places.
40. It is good to have friends who work at Disneyland.
41. Jesus draws people to himself and people toward each other.
42. Mayonnaise packets are difficult to open when you only have one hand.
43. Salt brings out the flavor of many foods.
44. It is possible to get stuck in a mechanical bed.
45. Bathroom tile is hard on your head.
46. MRI machines are noisy.
47. After a lifetime of being told I lack a certain clotting factor, I have normal blood.
48. 30% of all strokes have no identifiable cause.
49. I am in the 30%.
50. You are not all right when you lose the left side use of your body.
51. I cannot believe some of you are still reading this.
52. Rehab hospitals serve dinner at a ridiculous time.
53. You can easily lose 30 pounds on the SGS (stress, grief, stroke) diet.
54. There are times that your freedoms need to be limited.
55. Kid made get well cards are the best.
56. Coffee shared with a former student is heartwarming.
57. Fear is a liar.
58. I will not wait nine years again to visit the doctor.
59. Door thresholds can feel like an insurmountable goal.
60. I miss taking hot baths and watching Star Trek while doing so.
61. Pizza smuggled into a rehab hospital is the best kind of pizza of all.
62. I am not a fan of electric razors.
63. I did not intend on making a list of 100 things, but I can’t quit now.
64. Only 3% of stroke victims do not incur cognitive disorders. I am thankful to be in the 3%.
65. Involuntarily moving the affected arm when yawning is rare. Yep, that’s me.
66. Medical costs in the USA are out of control.
67. Shoe shopping with women is a process.
68. It is helpful to have a family member who is a doctor.
69. The church ladies know my favorite donut and have delivered it to the house.
70. Voice to text is unpredictable, and there is no way I’m going back to read all this to proof.
71. Vegan cookies are not bad.
72. God makes all things beautiful in his time.
73. Prayer changes things.
74. Speech therapy involves electrocuting you and freezing your face.
75. It is best to practice walking in a flat, not carpeted space.
76. Saying “I had a stroke” is a good excuse for lots of things.
77. It is better to make a difference than to make a point.
78. Moving your fingers and toes can be a reason for celebration.
79. An Electric wheelchair and Air Pods make a wonderful combination.
80. A sunny day in Laguna Beach is good for the soul.
81. If someone says “I need to sand your skin. Is that okay?” The answer should always be no.
82. When choosing a hotel room specify what side the bars in the bathroom should be on.
83. Apple orchards are not ADA friendly.
84. An organized pillbox is my friend.
85. Celebrating a physical victory, it’s probably not best to do at 4:30 in the morning.
86. Being stuck in a wheelchair and being ADHD is not a good combination.
87. Community is worth it. Love God, Love people, Do stuff.
88. Depression is hard.
89. A bad drug combination can send you to the hospital in an ambulance.
90. The weirdest side effect is that my need for corrective lenses in the daytime is gone.
92. The capsules in Space Mountain are awkward to get in and out of.
93. Worrying changes nothing.
94. The Lord gives strength to His people; the Lord blesses His people with peace. ~ Ps. 29:11
95. Tommy John underwear is the best. I feel good all under.
96. God doesn’t owe us an explanation every time He does something we don’t understand.
97. My wife can be devious.
98. The power of my mind often overcomes the power of my will.
99. This was not a good idea.
100. God is good, all the time.

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