Help from the Beatles

September 26, 2018

Not reflective just fun. Let me recap how today went… My brother-in-law Steve Sparks came up to babysit me while Judy was at her last day party at Vanguard. While he was out trimming the bushes on the side yard, I lost my balance in the bathroom and slid down one of the walls and found my self in a situation where I could not get up. Steve has a trimmer going and could not hear me, so I came up with a creative solution. Our Homepod that’s connected to Siri will play music on command. I asked it to play the song Help! by the Beatles and play it rather loudly. Steve came in shortly later. His word was” ingenious,” I was pretty proud of my solution.

After Steve left, I went into my office until it started getting dark. Since I was enjoying the crisp fall temperatures, I rolled myself out into our formal living room, lit the fireplace and read a portion of Andy Stanley’s new book ‘Irresistible.’ It was a nice diversion.

I finished the night buy re-creating a scene from the movie Psycho. My wheelchair has many sharp edges, and I think I have found every one of them at this point. I cut myself as I was getting into the shower and the water was circling the drain with blood going down it. To this day my mom will not take a shower in a hotel room because of that movie. My mind went another direction to the movie High Anxiety Here is the clip I thought of. Enjoy.

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