About four hours after getting home from the hospital yesterday, my left side began feeling weaker than it had earlier. Out of an abundance of caution, we went back to the emergency room at Kaiser Irvine. To say I was disappointed when they admitted me overnight would be an understatement. I had another CAT scan and another MRI, both of which came up negative for another stroke. They released me about an hour and a half ago, but I’m now dealing with the realities of stroke recovery.

Taking a shower is an ordeal and very frustrating. Just walking in the house takes me a long time to get from my office to our bedroom which is only about 30 feet. I’ve been pretty much upbeat about this whole thing but right now I’m feeling somewhat defeated, and today I broke down and cried. I know it will get better, and it will just take time. Those of you who know me know I’m not good at waiting. No funny hospital gown story this time but it was somewhat comical trying to get my underwear and pants on.

Judy has been a trooper this past week, and I spent all of her time with me. I’m very thankful for a wife who loves me and cares for me.


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