Bathroom Adventures in Rehab

September 20, 2018

I shared earlier about my stay here at the rehab hospital and how uncomfortable I have been with the idea of people accompanying me in the bathroom when I’m showering, and the general lack of privacy. For the most part, I am now resigned to the fact that that’s just part of what happens here. This morning shower was unusual because it was the first day that I had to completely undress somewhat awkwardly and do everything completely by myself including drying my backside which difficult with one hand. The whole process took almost 10 Minutes while one of the female therapists supervised. Awkward.

But it was after the shower that something extraordinary happened. A nursing assistant came in to assist me in the bathroom. She was a lady I had not yet met and had heard from someone that I was a pastor. I shimmied my pants about halfway down when she asked me what type of church I was associated with. Basically, in her words, she was asking if I was “Catholic or Christian.” I did my best to say that Catholicism was a part of Christianity and we were all brothers and sisters that follow Jesus She was trying to find out if I was protestant or in her words Christian. When I confirmed that I was not Catholic, she grabbed my hands and proceeded to tell me that she wanted me to pray for her. She told me all about her adult sons and the problems that she was having with one of them and asked me to pray with her right then and there in the bathroom with my pants barely hanging on by my hips. Once again being in the bathroom was awkward but a divine appointment kind of awkward. I prayed for her sons Absalom and Rehoboam, and I made a new friend. Please pray for the boys and for Maria, that God would heal her mother’s heart and draw her sons back to Himself.

Sorry for the typos and editing mistakes that you’re going to inevitably find. Siri dictation is not always reliable. What’s funny is it picks up my neighbor’s voice much better than mine. if you could only see some of the things that I almost missed because of that you would’ve laughed and just maybe passed it off as “Perry’s stroke is worse than I thought.”


IMG_2940 2

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