Since many of you have heard, I thought you should hear from me personally. Yesterday afternoon after leaving a memorial service near the city of LA, my left leg started feeling strange. Within five minutes I couldn’t feel my arm/leg and speech was slurred. Judy was driving, and I asked her to take me to the hospital. Luckily we were at Kaiser hospital within 10 minutes making the whole episode about 20 minutes before I got to the hospital. I had had a stroke, and my left side was affected. After a CT scan, they gave me a potent medicine that was able to break up the blood clot in my brain. I did gain mobility again though it was somewhat limited last night.

Today my leg is almost normal. There is still weakness in my left arm. I should be able to go home tomorrow. I am thankful to God for the amazing way he provided for me to get where I need to quickly. 99% of the time I drive when Judy and I are together, but this day I asked Judy to drive so I could help her with her phone. Siri directed us a way home that we would not normally have gone, getting us to the hospital much quicker than we could possibly have gotten there. The doctor said that the medicine works very quickly but doesn’t normally work that fast. The nurse said it basically a miracle and she didn’t know my profession at the time. I will be OK although it’s going to take lots of therapy and probably learning to do some things again. I did not lose cognitive function, so that’s good! We covet your prayers and thank you for your concern. I probably won’t be able to write back to everyone because I can’t type at the moment. So if there are errors here blame Siri!


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